Series, 4 episodes
Premiere: August 8, 2018, Domashny channel Genre: Romance
Directed by: Maria Kravchenko
Screenwriter: Ksenia Osadchenko
D.O.P: Sergey S. Komarov
Production design by: Mukhtar Mirzakeev Music by: Tsar'kov Valeriy
Produced by: Natalya Klevtsova, Stas Dovzhik, Ulyana Shabelnik (executive)
Starring: Lubava Greshnova, Konstantin Solovyev, Anton Makarskiy, Petar Zekavitsa, Alesa Kacher, Vahtang Beridze, Evgeniya Bordzilovskaya, Elizaveta Anohina, Alexandr Novik
Nastya is an ambulance doctor, at crucial moments she should not let her feelings and emotions take over control.She has a kind heart and responsive character.
However, one day Nastya loses her head, falling in love with Sergey Ignatiev. She met him during the sick call to the daughter of Mark Knyazev - the owner of a large construction company.

Accidental acquaintance develops into a turbulent romance with beautiful courtship, flowers and gifts. And, a week later, the man asks Nastya to marry him. The girl does not believe her happiness. It seems, she pulled out a happy ticket: her groom is a worthy and noble person. However, subsequent events and accidentally overheard conversation completely destroy the illusion ...

What will Nastya choose: to run away from the dangerous groom or pretend that nothing happened and play the role of a happy bride?