Series, 4 episodes
Premiere: June 21, 2018, Domashny channel Genre: Romance
Directed by: Karen Zakharov
Screenwriter: Arutyun Gukasyan
D.O.P: Vladimir Zvezdochkin
Production design by: Mukhtar Mirzakeev Music by: Tsar'kov Valeriy
Produced by: Natalya Klevtsova, Stas Dovzhik, Ulyana Shabelnik (executive)
Starring: Anna Kazuchits, Denis Matrosov, Evgeniy Miller, Lidiya Aref'eva, Ulyana Kulikova, Marina Kazankova, Evgeniya Osipova, Elena Papanova, Darya Feklenko, Irina Grishina, Maxim Vazhov, Evgeniy Berezovskiy
It seems that the spouses Alexey and Maria Golovins have everything for family happiness - a nice house in an elite neighborhood, a prestigious job and a ten-year-old daughter - Katya.

Nevertheless, everything dramatically changes when Maria, succumbing to the moment while tired of the family routine, falls into an affair with her former classmate - Oleg Demyanenko, who was a lovelorn with her at school.

Very quickly, Maria realizes that she risks the future of her family and decides to break up with him. But Oleg is not going to let her go ... Gradually, Maria realizes that Oleg is not at all who he claims to be ...

Will Maria manage to escape from this captivity and restore relations with Alexey?