Series, 4 episodes
Premiere: September 22, 2017, Domashny channel
Genre: Romance
Directed by: Karen Zakharov
Screenwriter: Arutyun Gukasyan
D.O.P: Vladimir Zvezdochkin
Production design by: Mukhtar Mirzakeev
Music by: Tsar'kov Valeriy
Produced by: Natalya Klevtsova, Stas Dovzhik, Ulyana Shabelnik (executive)
Starring: Victoria Poltorak, Anatoliy Kot, Victoria Maslova, Alla Bashenina, Artem Bashenin, Yulia Samoylenko, Alexandr Nazarov, Svetlana Malakhova, Maxim Vazhov, Andrey Kharibin, Irina Grishina, Valeriy Gromovikov
A happy family life consists of the three main components: love, trust and respect for each other. When at least one element is questioned, even the strongest relationships begin to collapse. The thrilling melodrama "Cruel Intentions" is an unusual love triangle in which the main characters fight not only for one man, but also for their own lives, as well as incredible betrayals of loved ones, which will bring up all of the pressing issues of a once happy and carefree family.