Series, 4 episodes
Premiere: March 15, 2019, Domashniy channel
Genre: Romance
Directed by: Denis Eleonskiy
Screenwriters: Maria Shul'gina, Elizaveta Tohonova
D.O.P: Igor Voytintsev
Production design by: Vitaliy Sash'ikov
Produced by: Natalya Klevtsova, Stas Dovzhik, Ulyana Shabelnik (executive)
Starring: Anna Aref'eva, Andrey Noskov, Polina Tolstun, Anton Bagrov, Natalya Burmistrova, Vladimir Maslakov, Irina Asaenok-Solovyeva, Tata Hachatryan, Elizaveta Shakira
A car accident destroyed their happy world, the husband became disabled. The pain, the struggle for survival ... Their life began to resemble a daily run in a circle. To break out of this hell, she decided to earn money for her husband's surgery at whatever cost. She became a surrogate mother. Only if she knew what all this would lead to.