Two wives
Series, 4 episodes
Premiere: November 6, 2017, Domashny channel
Genre: Romance
Directed by: Karen Zakharov
Screenwriter: Ksenia Nikolaeva
D.O.P: Vladimir Zvezdochkin
Production design by: Anna Abolits
Music by: Tsar'kov Valeriy
Produced by: Natalya Klevtsova, Stas Dovzhik, Ulyana Shabelnik (executive) Starring: Elena Radevich, Nastas'ya Samburskaya, Ivan Zhidkov, Ilya Obolonkov, Ol'ga Kuz'mina, Ol'ga Khokhlova, Maxim Konovalov, Alexandr T'yutin, Darya Feklenko, Konstantin Demidov, Maria Liman, Yuriy Vnukov, Michael Bogdasarov
Nastya and Kostya Chizhov live in Ryazan, just like most average families: mortgage, constant shortage of money and dissatisfied mother-in-law in the kitchen, as well as a vague belief that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

Nastya loves her husband; she is satisfied with what they have now. She is one of those low-demanding women who agree to paradise in a hut.

But Kostya occupies two positions in the family: an absolute loser who cannot hold out on any job and lives beyond his means, and a beloved man by his blindly in love wife who does not notice his failures.

The only thing that Nastya misses are children, due to the problems in the female part, she cannot have them. In short, a typical couple, where both love one. Nastya dreams of a family, Kostya - about Dolce Vita.

However, everything changes overnight, when Kostya unexpectedly receives a multi-million inheritance from a banker, he saved life to once upon a time.Together with the fortune, Kostya receives the status, and banker's former common-law wife Marina with a child, who for some reason were deprived of their inheritance. Kostya enjoys the benefits of the new position and moves closer to Marina, moving away from his wife.

And Nastya continues to see everything through rose-coloured spectacles and hopes to get pregnant with the IVF. Marina supports her in this decision, skillfully playing on the weaknesses of both spouses.

In a series of new bright events, Nastya observes that the loop arounf her neck is tightening more and more, and that her new "friend" Marina turned out to be a very dangerous rival. Simple and modest Nastya does not even realize that the author of her trap is still in the shadows and is watching her from the side ...